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Community and patient awareness toolkits for carotid disease
and current treatment options.

TCAR Brochure
ENHANCE® Brochure
ENROUTE® Guidewire Data Sheet
Roadster Summary Slide
TCAR Exposure
& Access Data Sheet
TCAR Wall Chart
TCAR Procedure Walkthrough
Animation – Direct Carotid Access
ENROUTE® Flow Controller 1
ENROUTE® Flow Controller 2
Arterial Sheath
Venous Sheath
Guidewire J Tip
ENROUTE® Stent Deploying
Stent Hub
Stent Exit Port
ENHANCE® Transcarotid
Peripheral Access
Kit Components
ENHANCE® Transcarotid
Peripheral Access
Kit Complete

To learn more about carotid artery disease, the TCAR Procedure and the associated risks and benefits, please refer to the ENROUTE Transcarotid Stent and Neuroprotection System patient guidebook.

Educating your community not to ignore the risk factors for stroke and the precautions your facility is taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Silk Road Medical, Inc. is pleased to share with you this kit, which contains customizable materials to help you educate patients on how to prevent stroke, the TransCarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR) procedure, and space for you to enter your facility's COVID-19 safety protocols. Please note the use of these materials is strictly voluntary, and you are not obligated to purchase Silk Road Medical products. This kit includes:

Therapy Awareness & Patient Engagement Toolkit (Complete)

Customizable materials to help you educate patients on how to prevent stroke, the TransCarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR) procedure, and your COVID-19 safety protocols.

Press Release Template

This customizable press release template is partially pre-written for you to use to educate the community on the importance of seeking immediate care to prevent a stroke, your COVID-19 safety protocols, and TCAR. There are placeholder sections for you to add your information and send to your local media outlets.

Sample Social Media Posts

These customizable posts for your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts can help people discover your practice or hospital and drive traffic to your website. If you do not have existing copy on your website, draft copy is available in our standard public relations toolkit.

Newsletter Content

We have provided pre‐written content for your community newsletter or blog. The content can also be repurposed as a bylined article and sent to a local newspaper or magazine that does not have the bandwidth to write an original piece. If possible, the article would be richer if you are able to insert one of your patient’s stories in the designated sections (with the patient’s consent). We recommend sharing successful patient stories after patients have had a bit of time to heal.

Referring Physician Letter/Email

This letter can be customized and sent to your referral base.

Carotid Artery Disease Backgrounder

This backgrounder provides an overview of carotid artery disease and available treatments to leverage when developing stories.

TCAR Interview Guide

This document contains sample questions and language you can use to create key messages in your own words.

Social Media Graphics
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Stroke prevention
Risk factors
Stroke stats
Patient Education Templates
Stroke Awareness Brochure
Stroke Awareness Postcard