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ENHANCE® Transcarotid
Peripheral Access Kit

The only micropuncture access kit developed for the TCAR® system and designed to make the procedure easier and more efficient.

An All-In-One Access Solution

The ENHANCE® Transcarotid Peripheral Access Kit was developed to optimize transcarotid access and interventional device delivery from a transcarotid approach with the goal of making the TCAR procedure easier and more efficient.

A dedicated kit of products customized for safety and ease of use

Supportive 0.018″ Marked Wire
  • Distal support for smooth microsheath entry
  • Pre-shaped tip for selective navigation
  • Marked wire for precise placement in vasculature
21 G Marked Needle
  • Marking 5mm from beveled tip for controlled puncture
4F Marked Microsheath
  • Smooth dilator to sheath transition
  • Depth markings for accurate positioning
  • Pre-loaded with non-stiffened dilator

(stiffened dilator also included)

Extension Tube
  • 20cm extension tube for contrast injections
  • Complete with 3-way stopcock

Instructions For Use

Indications for Use: These access kits are intended to introduce up to a 0.038″ guidewire or catheter into the peripheral vascular system, including the carotid artery, following a small gauge needle stick.

Manufactured by Galt Medical for Silk Road Medical distribution.

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