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ENROUTE Enflate® Transcarotid
RX Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Tailored for TCAR

The ENROUTE Enflate® Transcarotid RX Dilatation Balloon Catheter is designed to improve the efficiency and predictability of the TCAR procedure. Alongside the rest of the TCAR® system, the Enflate catheter is the optimal balloon for use in the TCAR procedure and is the only transcarotid RX balloon catheter available in the US market.

Short Working Length

With a shorter catheter length of 75cm, the Enflate balloon
is optimized for transcarotid access

Marker band provides visual indicator of when balloon tip is exiting the arterial sheath

  • A 5mm-width marker band located at 32.5cm from the tip of the balloon catheter indicates when the balloon is about to exit the arterial sheath during advancement to the lesion

  • Designed to indicate when to begin fluoroscopy and minimize fluoroscopy time during angioplasty

Balloon lengths optimized for ENROUTE® transcarotid stents

  • The Enflate RX balloon catheter is the only catheter that offers 25mm and 35mm balloon lengths, designed for optimal pairing with the ENROUTE® stent and minimize contact with healthy carotid tissue

Highly visible radiopaque (RO) markers

  • RO markers designed to clearly indicate the location of the balloon shoulders for accurate positioning

Additional Features

  • Latex-free, nylon, semi-compliant balloon
  • Nominal Pressure: 8 ATM
  • Rated Burst Pressure: 14 ATM
  • Rapid Exchange (RX), 0.014” guidewire compatible
  • Low-profile: 4Fr (5Fr for 6.0 diameter balloon)

Indications for Use: The ENROUTE Enflate Transcarotid RX Balloon Dilatation Catheter is intended for percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and post-dilatation of self-expanding stents in the carotid arteries.

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