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Sarah Holt

R&D Engineer
Joined SRM May 2020

Sarah’s start at the Silk Road Medical, Sunnyvale, CA office was 2 months into the start of the pandemic. She joined as the primary R&D Engineer to assist with the preparation of TEST Drive, a traditionally live training program for physicians. She soon learned that flexibility was key to being successful. Prior to the pandemic, TEST Drive was typically held in Chicago. Her traveling Bio Skills Lab team transitioned onsite training to virtual and mobile training that addressed various groups of physicians at a few selected U.S. sites. What Sarah enjoys most about her role is she prepares the demos and the cut-down models for the training and is involved in many different aspects of R&D. Collaborative team culture, ability to be a part of something larger, and the number of female engineers all attracted her to Silk Road. When Sarah is not working with demo models, she loves to travel, bake, read and embroider. She claims to bake the best chocolate chip cookies. We’ll have to find out!

Life at Silk Road Medical

“Silk Road is one of those companies where you’ve got to have a can-do attitude. You’ve got to roll up your sleeves. What I really like here is we don’t have a lot of barriers between the teams – there’s a lot of cross-functionality…” Natasha, R&D Project Manager

Best Part of the Job

“We have some of the best people in the industry working at this company. We have people that want to do it the right way and that’s another motivating factor for me…” Horia, Associate Director, Enterprise Architecture

Why Silk Road Medical?

“I would say to any prospective new hire: come be a part of something amazing, something that’s extremely rewarding from so many different aspects…” Marvella, HR Coordinator

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