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Jesse Lopez

Franchise TDS – Field Sales Trainer
Joined SRM August 2016

Jesse Lopez is one of Silk Road Medical’s Original Field team members, being hired into the second training class in August 2016. Even though this is Jesse’s third start-up in his career, he knew this was a “Once in a Lifetime” opportunity. “Everything about SRM is different. You will never find a company or a family like this. Even the board of directors understand what we are setting out to do and accomplish, and we all protect the North Star.”

Jesse has been in over 500 cases and he gets just as excited today as he did in his first case. “The company stands behind me when I walk into an account. I am a patient advocate. I will do everything to make sure the patient is ready for the procedure and the physicians have what they need.”

His passion and intensity for patient outcomes have allowed him to serve as an image trainer, SWAT team member for ROADSTER 2, and now a Franchise Field Trainer. He was also awarded Therapy Development Specialist of the year in 2017. His dedication to developing people is also evident in the number of new hires he has trained while at SRM.

Jesse has been married for 30 years and has 3 sons. When he is not traveling to support cases, Jesse loves spending time with his family. He also enjoys musky fishing and has acquired quite a collection of Rotational Art of different types of metal, wood, and glass (Precision Spinning Tops). SRM is lucky to have such a dedicated and passionate team member in the field.

Life at Silk Road Medical

“Working at Silk Road means looking forward to coming into the office every day, working with my coworkers and cross-functional groups, working with hard-working, talented, creative people who are there to support you.”
Jonathan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Best Part of the Job

“Silk Road gives me a great opportunity to be a part of the journey to establish a new standard of care for stroke prevention… [and] also provide the patient with a higher quality of life after the procedure.”
Peter, R&D Program Manager

Why Silk Road Medical?

“The people, undoubtedly, are awesome. The culture has really driven me to understand that this is the right place for me and that was big for me when I was looking for my next opportunity.” 
Rodney, Director, Production Manufacturing

Career Growth at Silk Road Medical

“What Silk Road offers me in terms of career growth is mentorship. Not only have I been able to seek mentorship and be given guidance throughout my career here at Silk Road, but I have been able to provide it as well…”
Lorraine, Sr. R&D Program Manager

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