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Rhonda Barr

Area Director – Mid South
Joined SRM January 2017

Rhonda Barr had been watching Silk Road Medical for a while before joining the team in January 2017 as a Principal Area Manager in Louisiana. “I like to surround myself with like-minded professionals and wanted to be a part of something bigger than I had ever been a part of. It was like a gravitational pull.” As a successful and passionate sales professional with over 18 years in the industry and several awards, Silk Road Medical was pulled to her as well. Rhonda’s dedication to her craft was quickly evident at Silk Road. The leadership team knew she would be the perfect leader to develop and grow the Mid-South Area, landing her a well-earned promotion to Area Director. Since that time, Rhonda has passionately mentored, trained, and locked arms with her team to nurture growth. “Every time I get the opportunity to present an offer to a candidate, I am so excited because this is the greatest career move they will ever make. We are part of an elite team and I am proud to wear SRM on my jacket”. Rhonda loves to travel and spend time with her husband of 25 years and two children. Being from Louisiana, you can often find her cooking with a Cajun flair or cheering for her LSU Tigers!

Life at Silk Road Medical

“Working at Silk Road means looking forward to coming into the office every day, working with my coworkers and cross-functional groups, working with hard-working, talented, creative people who are there to support you.”
Jonathan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Best Part of the Job

“Silk Road gives me a great opportunity to be a part of the journey to establish a new standard of care for stroke prevention… [and] also provide the patient with a higher quality of life after the procedure.”
Peter, R&D Program Manager

Why Silk Road Medical?

“The people, undoubtedly, are awesome. The culture has really driven me to understand that this is the right place for me and that was big for me when I was looking for my next opportunity.” 
Rodney, Director, Production Manufacturing

Career Growth at Silk Road Medical

“What Silk Road offers me in terms of career growth is mentorship. Not only have I been able to seek mentorship and be given guidance throughout my career here at Silk Road, but I have been able to provide it as well…”
Lorraine, Sr. R&D Program Manager

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