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Rasean Butler

Director, Quality Operations
Joined SRM May 2020

Rasean joined Silk Road Medical after working for various start-up medical device companies for over 11 years. She was very excited about Silk Road’s technology and found it clever and impressive. After interviewing with the team, she was left with a good feeling. It was clear that everyone had, as first priority, patient outcomes. As the Director, Quality Operations, Rasean manages the Quality Control area as well as the Quality Engineers. She states the teamwork is great “At the end of the day, everyone wants to come together. It’s one of the best companies I have worked for. As a team, you feel like everyone is in it together.” What she finds most rewarding working at Silk Road is that she is contributing to patients’ lives. Rasean is active with her church and more recently has volunteered with food distribution to those not as fortunate to afford food. She enjoys traveling and has been to every continent except Antarctica and dabbles in photography. Stay tuned for more zoom backgrounds!

Life at Silk Road Medical

“Working at Silk Road means looking forward to coming into the office every day, working with my coworkers and cross-functional groups, working with hard-working, talented, creative people who are there to support you.”
Jonathan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Best Part of the Job

“Silk Road gives me a great opportunity to be a part of the journey to establish a new standard of care for stroke prevention… [and] also provide the patient with a higher quality of life after the procedure.”
Peter, R&D Program Manager

Why Silk Road Medical?

“The people, undoubtedly, are awesome. The culture has really driven me to understand that this is the right place for me and that was big for me when I was looking for my next opportunity.” 
Rodney, Director, Production Manufacturing

Career Growth at Silk Road Medical

“What Silk Road offers me in terms of career growth is mentorship. Not only have I been able to seek mentorship and be given guidance throughout my career here at Silk Road, but I have been able to provide it as well…”
Lorraine, Sr. R&D Program Manager

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