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Job Offer

Fraudulent Job Offer Notice:
We have been made aware of fraudulent activity, including fraudulent job offers, that have been conducted by individuals or organizations claiming to be Silk Road Medical. These fraudulent individuals are going as far as claiming to be recruiters with Silk Road Medical, and even using Silk Road Medical employee names. This fraud typically occurs through social media accounts and unsolicited emails. These job offers are recruitment scams that do not originate from Silk Road Medical. We are actively working to stop the individuals or organizations participating in this fraudulent scheme.

Warning Signs of Fraudulent Activity:
You are being asked to submit personal information such as DOB, address details, or passport/license details before or during the interview process.

  • You are being asked to submit a fee to the company. Silk Road Medical never under any circumstances will request fees from candidates.
  • You are being contacted by an email address that doesn’t have the correct Silk Road Medical domain. Please beware of any emails that do not come from, they are likely fraudulent spam accounts.
  • You are offered a check to process before being interviewed or to set up your home office.

If you have any concerns, see suspicious job advertisements, or receive suspicious communications that reference Silk Road Medical, please submit an inquiry to Legitimate information regarding career opportunities with Silk Road Medical will always be found at