COVID-19 Pandemic Update

As we navigate through this evolving time of unprecedented uncertainty, our top priorities are i) supporting our customers and the patients they serve and ii) protecting the health and well-being of the Silk Road Medical employee team and their families.

Protecting the health and well-being of employees and others

In line with recommendations from federal and local government and healthcare agencies, non-essential Silk Road Medical employees have transitioned to a home work environment, as we do our part to flatten the curve of COVID-19 transmission. The Company has also made cash and personal protective equipment donations to local and national organizations including Santa Clara county hospitals.

Supporting our customers and the patients they serve

We recognize the importance of minimizing the spread of the virus while also maintaining essential functions to support the care of patients with carotid artery disease requiring urgent treatment. Our field-based team continues to be available to support TCAR procedures, either in-person or virtually.

Silk Road Medical Support

Silk Road Medical thanks the medical community for all they are doing to care for those who are ill and for the many personal sacrifices they must endure. We remain steadfast in our commitment to support any clinical or technical needs that arise. Please contact us at: | Toll-Free: 855.410.8227.