Clearly documenting procedures has become increasingly more important for both physicians and hospitals.  A thorough description of a patient’s primary and all secondary diagnoses in that patient’s history and physical (H&P) along with detailed procedure dictation is the only way to ensure that a patient’s discharge is assigned to the appropriate MS-DRG and to ensure appropriate reimbursement.  Documentation is also critical for any post-procedure audit by a payer such as CMS with the Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs).

Request for Prior Authorization

While both carotid artery stenting and the TCAR procedure are covered under Medicare’s NCD Manual Section 20.7 if the appropriate coverage criteria are met, some non-Medicare commercial payers may have additional coverage requirements. Such payers may also require prior authorization before carotid artery revascularization can be performed. Sample letters requesting prior authorization for the TCAR procedure can be found here:

Denials from Payers

Some non-Medicare commercial payers will deny coverage for either carotid artery stenting or the TCAR procedure. A request for reconsideration should be sent. Such requests should always include a detailed explanation of the medical necessity for the individual patient and any other supporting material such as information about the TCAR procedure itself.

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