Silk Road Medical Appoints World Renowned Physician as Chief Medical Officer

Silk Road Medical Appoints World Renowned Physician as Chief Medical Officer

SUNNYVALE, Ca., Jan. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Silk Road Medical, Inc., a developer of advanced devices for the treatment of Carotid Artery disease, announced today the appointment of Sumaira  Macdonald, MD, PhD to the position of Chief Medical Officer effective immediately. In this new role, Dr. Macdonald will direct the company’s scientific and technical agenda and lead research in ground breaking endovascular interventions for the prevention and treatment of stroke.

Prior to joining Silk Road Medical Inc., Dr. Macdonald was a Vascular Radiologist and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at NewcastleUniversity and the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. “To have attracted a clinician of Dr. Macdonald’s significant caliber is a testament to the promise of our technology in preventing stroke resulting from carotid artery disease” said Erica Rogers, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Her leadership in clinical research and renowned medical skills will significantly contribute to the advancement of our products and company’s growth. We are honored to have her on the team.”

Dr. Macdonald is well regarded for her career-long efforts to improve endovascular interventions.  In addition to being the Co-Editor of the Springer “Carotid Stenting; A Practical Guide”, Dr. Macdonald has authored over 70 medical publications  on vascular disease, is the recipient of many academic society honors, serves on the editorial boards of a number of scientific journals and  is highly sought after as a speaker, having given over 300 international lectures.

“I am excited to join Silk Road in its pursuit of promising technology to protect the brain from the risk of stroke during carotid artery stenting. The unique combination of providing temporary flow reversal and avoiding arch manipulation affords the best protection against typical complications associated with trans-femoral access filter-protected carotid stenting procedures,” said Dr. Macdonald. “The Company is striving hard to provide solutions to patients with carotid artery disease, a shared goal to which I have also devoted my professional career.”

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Silk Road Medical, a privately held company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, develops breakthrough technology for minimally invasive access and treatment of carotid and neurovascular disease. The company’s Transcarotid Stenting with Dynamic Flow Reversal* procedure innovates around proven surgical techniques and is designed to improve the lives of patients with carotid arterial disease – a brain protected, a life preserved, a mind intact. For more information, visit www.silkroadmed.comENROUTE is a registered trademark of Silk Road Medical, Inc.

*The Silk Road System is an investigational device, limited by US law to investigational use and is not approved/cleared or available for sale in the United States. The Silk Road System is authorized for sale in CE Mark countries.

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