TCAR Program Development

Now that you are performing TCAR, it is time to launch your TCAR marketing campaign. Below is everything you need to get started.

Marketing Materials

  • Public Relations Toolkit

    Customizable materials to help you increase awareness of the TCAR procedure, including press release, newsletter article, web copy, and more.

  • Carotid Artery Disease Background

    Includes information on Carotid Artery Disease, stroke, diagnosis, and treatment options.


    Common questions answered about TCAR and useful statistics.

  • Interview Guide

    Tip sheets to help prepare you for a media interview regarding TCAR.

  • Patient Handout

    A useful guide to help recruit patients and gauge their interest in participating in a media interview.

  • Physician Handout

    An outline to help you guide conversations with patients about their interest in participating in a media interview.



  • Still Image – ENROUTE Procedure

  • Still Image – Carotid Artery Disease



  • Animation – Direct Carotid Access

  • Animation – Direct Carotid Access, Spanish Version

Marketing Examples

Marketing Examples

  • Making a Life-Saving Surgery Safer – Sheila Cox

  • TCAR Procedure Life-Changing – Nancy Pace-Miller

  • TCAR Helps Vincent Donovan Beat the Odds

  • Carillion Clinic Article in Virginia Living

  • Dr. Thomas Social Media Post

  • Dr. Weaver Social Media Post