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Paul Scamardi 

Franchise Area Manager, Mid-Atlantic
3 years at Silk Road Medical

One thing that Paul excels at is strategically picking his customer base and setting expectations for their clinical learning pathway right from the start. He’s very direct about what the requirements are and his teammates had this to say about working with him: “I’m newer to the company, but I’ve known of Paul for a few years now, so when I had the chance to come and join his team, I knew it would be a great experience. He knows his clients well and knows when and how to execute things efficiently. His reputation with physicians and staff throughout the territory speaks for itself. He’s super knowledgeable and always stays one step ahead, driving growth while maintaining good patient outcomes and keeping his clients happy.

    Life at Silk Road Medical

    “Silk Road is one of those companies where you’ve got to have a can-do attitude. You’ve got to roll up your sleeves. What I really like here is we don’t have a lot of barriers between the teams – there’s a lot of cross-functionality…” Natasha, R&D Project Manager

    Best Part of the Job

    “We have some of the best people in the industry working at this company. We have people that want to do it the right way and that’s another motivating factor for me…” Horia, Associate Director, Enterprise Architecture

    Why Silk Road Medical?

    “I would say to any prospective new hire: come be a part of something amazing, something that’s extremely rewarding from so many different aspects…” Marvella, HR Coordinator

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