Just like anything else, the devil is in the details. TCAR and Transcarotid access are novel. Silk Road has developed accessory devices to optimize transcarotid access and interventional device delivery from a transcarotid approach. Our goal is to make the TCAR procedure easier, safer, and more efficient.

Supportive 0.018″ Marked Wire

  • Distal support for smoother microsheath entry
  • Pre-shaped tip for selective navigation
  • Marked wire for precise placement in vasculature

21 G Marked Needle

  • 4cm and 7cm lengths available
  • Tip markings for controlled puncture

4F Microsheath

  • Smooth dilator transition
  • Pre-loaded with non-stiffened dilator
  • Stiffened dilator also included in kit

Manufactured by Galt Medical for Silk Road Medical distribution. Indication for Use: Micro-Introducer Kits are intended to introduce up to a 0.038” guidewire or catheter into the peripheral vascular system following a small gauge needle stick.


  • • 95cm ergonomic control

    • Precise lesion navigation

    • Device delivery in short vessels

  • mik_illo

Manufactured by Lake Region Medical for Silk Road Medical distribution. Indication for Use: The ENROUTE 0.014” Guidewires are intended for use in the peripheral vasculature.

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